DTH Air Hammer Line

Our DTH air hammers have a unique airflow design which maximizes performance.  This gives you more power down the hole, making your investment produce more in less time.  The DK down-the-hole (DTH) hammer is a pneumatically operated valveless percussion drill.  As the name implies, the DTH air hammer uses air causing the piston to strike the bit producing a very high load during impact, resulting in penetration through extremely hard formations.  This is a different process from the rotary drilling method, which uses weight and rotation to penetrate softer formations.

The DK DTH hammer is capable of being mounted on many different types of drilling machines that utilize a top head or Kelly drive mounting configuration.  The drill rig must be capable of maintaining a sufficient amount of air pressure and volume, lubrication, torque, rpm, hold down and hold back.  Exhaust air from the hammer is passed through blowholes in the drill bit and is used to flush clean the drilled hole.  Rotation occurs from the drive motor at the top of the drill string; however, this is not to be confused with the rotary drilling method.  Feed force is transmitted to the hammer via the hold down unit and the weight of the drill pipe.

The Drill King Hammer Line is designed to allow the wear sleeve to be manufactured with increased wall thickness, thus extending the service life.

The DK DTH hammer is used in many different applications which include but are not limited to heavy construction, mining, oil and gas, quarries, and water-well.

We want to help you “hammer the competition,” so contact Drill King today for your DTH air hammer!!

Heavy Duty Hammer Line
Our Heavy Duty (HD) hammer is ideal for enhanced wear protection in hard, abrasive formations. For our mining customers, this is the standard hammer they prefer. The HD hammer line utilizes the same internal parts as our standard hammers, so converting between your standard hammer and HD is relatively simple.

Hammer Repair Kits – Save money and time by ordering the integral internal wear components in one easy-to-install kit. Available for every hammer. Proven to extend the life of your hammer.

Hammer Rebuild Kits – Extend the life of your hammer when you utilize our rebuild kits to replace the external parts of the hammer. Available for every hammer. This will give you maximized return on your product investment.

Hammer Seal Kits – We recommend you purchase a seal kit with every new hammer. Seals must be replaced at regular intervals to maintain air pressure and to operate your hammer efficiently.